Kkomawo Story

Founded in 2015, Kkomawo set itself out to be a leading Indonesian retailer that sells high quality Korean goods specialized for mothers and young children. Kkomawo comes from Korean words, “kkoma” which means kids, “kkomawo” means thank you, and supplemented by rabbits symbol for its logo.

Kkomawo was started by the owner who has had the love of Korean culture, trends, product quality and safety that she had encountered during her college days in Singapore, China and Korea studying language and business. Having studied in several countries abroad had peaked her interests about cultures of different countries and trends.

Being born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs had encouraged her to start a business that meant to educate mothers of young children about different Korean products including snacks, skin care, toys, utensils, fashion, accessories, and many more.

We started out by using social media platform, Instagram, utilizing social media influencers to advertise our business. As unordinary as it sounds, it was a successful effort as most mothers in Indonesia prefer to do online shopping through Instagram compared to websites.

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With a warehouse located in Korea and Bandung, 1.5 hours from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, we are committed to offer our customers unique and distinct products that they cannot get from other stores in Indonesia. These products are high quality products sourced from Korean manufacturer / wholesaler that are specially curated for mothers and children which has created a strong brand identity for Kkomawo.

The influence to source products from Korea was because Korea is well known for its high-quality products, and standard of safety that had been proven and tested before it reached their consumers. The high quality of life, long lifeexpectancy and healthy lifestyle had also boosted the confidence in Korean products. This helped to build an excellent brand image for Kkomawo who is committed to deliver only the best quality products for their customer.

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